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Water Safety Week – Water Awareness

By June 19, 2017News


It’s Water Safety Week!
June 19th – 23rd

Each day this week, there will be a new blog post with different topics on Water Safety. Within each blog, there will be a secret word that will be in bold letters. On Friday after the last blog post, you can email all five of the code words to [email protected] for a chance to win 4-Day Passes to Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark!

The World’s Largest Swimming Lesson is this week, and since we are not open until November, we cannot host a swimming lesson at our facility… HOWEVER, we still want to make sure that water safety is top-of-mind now that we’re amid the summer season with visits to the pool, lakes, and rivers! It’s going to be a HOT summer, and we know a cool dip in a body of water is a must-do for so many people, but it’s imperative that everyone practices Water Awareness!

Whether you’re hanging out at the beach or the pool, most people don’t think about water safety – but they should. According to the World Health Organization, drowning is the 3rd leading cause of unintentional injury death worldwide, and it happens far too often – and it can happen anywhere. In trying to spread the word and knowledge of water awareness, please keep this week’s blog series about Water Safety in-mind when visiting any type of body of water, not just this summer, but always!

  1. Individuals should never swim alone, regardless of their swimming ability! Even experienced swimmers can tire or get muscle cramps.
  2. Keep a constant eye on children in and around water. Children should always be in complete supervision from an adult, whether it be a parent or guardian.
  3. Always walk near pools and bodies of water – Running is not safe.
  4. Know your limits! If you’re not a good swimmer, or you’re just learning to swim, don’t go in water that’s so deep you can’t touch the bottom.
  5. Make sure a lifeguard is present! Some beach or personal pool areas do not have lifeguards on-duty, so it’s always important to never swim alone.
  6. Be aware of signage – Always read the safety rules and regulations when entering pools and attractions, and pay attention to signs that indicate no diving or the depth of the water.
  7. Watch the sun! Sun reflecting off the water or off sand can intensify the burning rays. You might not feel sunburned, but the pain will catch up with you later — so remember to reapply sunscreen frequently.
  8. STAY HYDRATED! It’s easy to get dehydrated in the sun, especially if you’re active and sweating. Keep up with fluids, particularly water, to prevent dehydration. Dizziness, feeling lightheaded, or nausea can be signs of overheating or dehydration. Watch for these signs in others, as well.
  9. Establish rules for your family and enforce them without fail, such as setting limits based on each person’s ability, and not allowing rough-housing or dangerous games to be played in the water such as breath-holding contests or “dunking” each other in the pool.

It’s important to have conversations with your children and family about water safety, and keep water safety a priority, even after “swim season” is over!

See you back here tomorrow!

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