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Splash For Ca$h Fundraising!

At Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark, we put the “FUN” in Fundraising!


Now that school is in session, students are anxiously counting down the days to their first field trip of the school year; and we can help them raise money! Because schools are an important part of our community, and in our continuing efforts to support commendable neighborhood causes, Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark invites not only schools, but all non-profit organizations to participate in our Splash for Cash fundraising program.

Splash for Cash is a fun, simple, and an educational fundraiser, as it teaches students to work together as a team.  The program focuses on the organization’s outreach to the community by inviting them to experience a day at Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark, and once the invitation is presented at admissions, your organization earns up to $4.35 per person. Therefore, you are looking at an opportunity of fundraising over $4,350 with the participation of 1,000+ supporters!

Who qualifies?

  • Schools, Clubs, Sports teams, and non-profit organizations.

Splash for Cash is SIMPLE & FUN:

  • Choose a date to host your event with one of our group sales team members.
  • Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark will provide templates for flyers and posters, personalized invitations for Your Day, a pre-event timeline, and most importantly an EPIC experience for your supporters.
  • While your only responsibilities include promoting and marketing your Splash for Cash date to generate community interest quickly, for a successful fundraiser!


  • 15% of total admissions from all redeemed invitations on your special designated day will be provided back to your organization following your fundraising event.  (Not applicable on food, beverage, tax, cabana rentals, arcade, or retail purchases.)


# of Supporters

250 $1,087
500 $2,175
700 $3,045
1,000+ $4,350+

Based on a ticket price of $29 for guests over 48’’ tall


So if your organization was looking for a FUN, EASY and EPIC fundraiser make sure to reach out to our Groups Sales Department at (972) 337-3135 or via email at earthu[email protected]

To host a solid Splash for Cash fundraiser, we encourage at least a month of planning.

We look forward to the chance to assist you in supporting the good work you do!

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