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By October 9, 2018News

Have you heard all the buzz about #RIDETHEWAVE !?!

If you haven’t you have to follow us on our social media platforms to stay up to date! 

#RIDETHEWAVE is our social media campaign we started on October 4, 2018 and will run through mid November. We are creating a Wave of Fun throughout the DFW Metroplex by giving away 10 VIP Passes to Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark to the first person to find the Wave! 

Here is how it works:

First we will post hints on our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). These hints may be posted on one platform or all three, so make sure to follow us on ALL platforms to be the first to discover the hints! These hints may include a picture, a phrase, an emoji or a variation of those. The wave will already have been hidden by the release of the first hint, so the search may begin as soon as the first hint is published!

Example of our first Hint for our first Wave: 

“And here is Hint #1: We are starting off easy, and close to home. Even though we are open year round because we are indoors this wave is not hidden inside…”

You must put our hints together and search for the hidden Wave, which will contain a slip with details on how to redeem once found! The Wave will never be hidden behind locked doors or at a location where admission will need to be purchased for entrance. 

Once found:

We will post the picture of the winner once the Wave has been found so that you may stop your search. But don’t get discouraged we will continue to hide Waves through November so you still have a chance!!

Example of Winner Post:

“CONGRATS to Matthew M for finding the first Wave which included 10 VIP Passes, and Epic Waters Beach Bag filled with Logo items, and two $20 Arcade cards!! Stay tuned on Monday when the next hint will be released, as the Wave of Fun is just beginning! #RIDETHEWAVE Make sure to stay connected on Instagram and Twitter @epicwatersgp as well because you never know where the hits will be posted first.”

The Wave includes:

– 10 VIP Passes

– Epic Waters Beach Bag filled with logo items

– (2) $20 Arcade cards

– An entry to win the “Grand Prize” of 4 Annual Passes at the end of #RIDETHEWAVE  

So far two Waves have been hidden and found. But do not worry, as there is more to come! The Wave of Fun is just beginning so make sure to jump on and join us for some EPIC fun!!

Stay social, and be EPIC!

Follow #RIDETHEWAVE @epicwatersgp


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