2970 Epic Place Grand Prairie, Texas 75052

Slides & Rides

Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark is proud to feature three North American firsts in the waterpark industry. The Lasso Loop, The Yellow Jacket Drop and the Aquanaut!

Along with 8 other wild and exciting attractions, Epic Waters will be the prime destination for Family Fun!

The nation’s tallest indoor Aqualoop, this body slide will take anyone for a loop…literally. Dropping with enough speed to be sent up hill, this body slide is so fast that it is over before you are asking to go again!


The first indoor combination of the Boomerango and Constrictor, an enclosed slide that inner tubers will serpentine thru to an open drop that will send you high up onto a wall giving the rider a sense of zero gravity!


The first indoor double rider Aquasphere inner tube ride, an inner tube slide that takes its riders to the next level inside high banking domes within the slide!
Like a twister in the plains this body slide will wind and go in many directions ending at the base of the tower.


Lying down on a mat, head first, ready to race you and 3 others. This enclosed mat racer is not for the faint at heart.


The enclosed body slide hides an open 50’ drop into the run out below. Will you take the Plunge?


The only attraction that you get better at the more times you ride. Learn to boogie board on a perfect, everlasting wave!

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