Show us how someone you know Lives Life EPIC!

Want to win 4-Annual Passes to Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark AND 4-Annual Passes to The Epic in Grand Prairie, Texas?

Tell us an inspiring story about someone you know, and do so in a unique way!

We ask that you create a short video, no longer than one minute – or a 500 word essay – that creatively shows and tells us how someone that you know serves their community. Think of those people around you that selflessly make a difference and give back to their city, whether it is through community service or volunteer work, or just simply being involved in something that makes an impact on others. These are the people who are servants to others, never looking for recognition or reward.

What does it mean to you to “live life EPIC?” To us, it’s living a lifestyle of service, inspiration, and community. Inspired by the unique, first-of-its-kind recreational development venture of Grand Central in Grand Prairie, we want you to show us and tell us all about someone that you know within your community that “lives life EPIC!” There are so many individuals within every community that selflessly give back; trailblazers that inspire and motivate others to make a difference. Those individuals never require recognition and are humble by nature. This is a chance to bring someone’s good deeds and selfless acts to light.

Your masterpiece has the opportunity of being showcased on multiple social media channels and websites within the City of Grand Prairie, the Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark website, The Epic Lifestyle & Recreation Center Theater, email blasts, Grand Prairie City Council Meetings, and even the local Dallas-Fort Worth news stations and media outlets!

What Can You Win?

  • Ten Grand Prize winners (five from Grand Prairie and five from another US city) will each receive 4-Annual Passes to Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark, AND 4-Annual Passes to The Epic Recreation Center in Grand Prairie, TX.
  • All submissions will be judged internally, and the top five videos/essays from Grand Prairie residents, as well as the top five videos/essays from residents of other cities in the US, will be displayed on the Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark website, The Epic Theater, and multiple social media channels within Grand Prairie.

How to Enter

  • Send your video or essay to: [email protected] with the subject line: Live Life Epic – Contest Entry
  • Complete and attach the following completed form in the email:

Entry Form – Live Life Epic Contest

  • Video and essays must be sent with a completed entry form by Saturday July 1, 2017 at 11:59pm.
  • Be sure to keep the source files and original footage of your entry until the competition ends, as they may be needed for re-editing.

Winning Criteria

  • The winning videos/essays will be ones that do the very best job showing the individual of their choices’ pride in their community, how that individual gives back, and how they inspire others to do the same.
  • All work should be original.
  • Videos that exceed one minute, include inappropriate content and language, and/or promote violence or any non-family friendly actions, will not be considered for the contest. Videos must be under 1 minute in length and essays must be no longer than 500 words.
  • Keep it clean and have fun!


Email us at [email protected]

Call us at 817-337-3132


Q: Do I need a professional quality camera/editing software to enter the “Live Life Epic” contest?

A: No! The goal of the contest is to engage the community of Grand Prairie and its surrounding cities in a creative expression of EPIC stories.  Entries will be judged primarily on the content of the story and the creativity of the presentation, and not on technical skills.  We welcome all entries from professional filmmakers to amateur hobbyists.