Flowboarding Fun at Texas’ Largest Indoor Waterpark

Have you ever been on a cruise ship and experienced simulated surfing and bodyboarding? Did you know that you could “send it” on land too? Besides all the awesome slides, great eats & drinks, plus action-packed arcade fun at Epic Waters, you MUST check out our FlowRider®.

The FlowRider is the world’s first and most famous simulated surf machine; there are over 220 FlowRiders installed all over the world. Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark is home to a FlowRider Double (a 2-lane attraction), making it the largest FlowRider in North Texas. Epic Waters’ guests of all ages are welcome to try the FlowRider, which is open any time that the park is open. Team members with experience on the FlowRider are available to demonstrate maneuvers and help guests learn basic skills.

Flowboarding (also referred to as flowriding) is a hybrid board sport that incorporates elements of surfing, bodyboarding, skateboarding, snowboarding and wakeboarding. Flowboarder athletes perform on mechanically-generated stationary waves (called sheet waves) projected at speeds ranging from 20 MPH to 30 MPH, with water flowing up over a stationary surface designed to replicate the shape of ocean waves. Flowboarders gain speed from the energy of the water flowing at them while performing maneuvers and tricks within a relatively small area.

We love hosting the inexperienced casual rider to the seasoned competitor.  And yes, professional flowboarding is a thing! Last year, Epic Waters was home to FlowaPalooza, an award-winning festival that included a Prime FLOW Tour stop. Competitors of all ages, including professionals, were divided into classes and competed for cash prizes.

The next time you are in the waterpark, experience the thrills of this emerging sport. It’s adventurous, fun and it’s epic in every wave! Check back here for future blogs including a recurring feature called “The Faces of Flowboarding” where we will showcase athletes of all ages and stages who are passionate about this sport.