2970 Epic Place Grand Prairie, Texas 75052

Submit a video to show why you DESERVE TO be the first person to take the plunge down AN EPIC WATERS INDOOR WATERPARK slide!

  • How does being the FIRST person to SLIDE down one of our slides on Opening Day sound to you?!?
  • Do you LOVE waterparks?
  • Are you a person that loves ZOOMING down a slide?
  • Do you have an AWESOME talent?

We want YOU to create an exciting video that creatively shows AND tells us why you deserve to be the First to Slide!


  • Eight winners will be the first individuals experience the BRAND NEW slides on the Grand Opening of Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark!
  • The eight winners (and up to 4 guests per winner) will receive free admission on the Grand Opening day, a cabana for the duration of your visit, and a pizza party to celebrate the winnings.
  • The winners’ videos will be displayed on the Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark website, will be shown in The Epic Lifestyle and Recreation Center Theater, multiple social media channels within Grand Prairie, and more!


  • Make an AWESOME video, no longer than 3 minutes, showcasing your awesome talent or skill(s). Your video needs to highlight your energy, your excitement about the Grand Opening of Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark, and needs to be about why YOU deserve to be the first to slide down one of our waterslides!
  • Publish the video on a public YouTube channel. (Don’t worry if you don’t have a YouTube account – They’re free, quick, and easy to create!)
  • Read, complete, and attach the following completed form to an email:

Entry Form (Required)

Consent Form (Required for Participants Under 18 Years of Age)


  • Videos eligible for the contest must be completed and sent to [email protected] by November 24t at 11:59pm.
  • Be sure to keep the source files and original footage of your entry until the competition ends, as they may be needed for re-editing.


  • Do you have a cool trick on skateboard that WOWs your friends and family? Do you have a fancy dance move you want to show-off? Are your karate or taekwondo skills unbelievable? Can you hold a music note for a really long time? We want to see ANY talent that is unique and thrilling! (Remember to keep it clean and family-friendly).
  • It’s not necessarily WHAT you do in your video – It’s HOW you present your skills and excitement!
  • The winning videos will be individuals that leverage their talents, and use creativity to show their excitement about the Grand Opening of Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark.
  • The more creative you are in how you present this skill or talent, the better! The funniest, most memorable video is what we’re looking for!
  • All work should be original.
  • Videos that exceed three minutes, include inappropriate content and/or language, and/or promote violence or any non-family friendly actions, will not be considered for the contest.
  • “Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark” must be mentioned during the video, either audibly or visually.
  • Written submissions will not be accepted.
  • Keep it clean and have fun!

Rules & Guidelines

  • Contest is open to legal United States residents under the age of 18, and 48 inches or taller. Parent or guardian of minors must complete and sign the entry/consent form.
  • Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark reserves the right to adjust any facet of this competition at its sole discretion. Entries that do not conform to these guidelines will not be considered.
  • The video must be the entrant’s original work, and must not have been copied in whole or in part from any other work.
  • Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark – First to Slide must be in the title of the video so it can be found on YouTube. The video description must also have the following hashtag: #epicwatersgp
  • Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark must be mentioned either visually or audibly within the video.
  • Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark and The City of Grand Prairie staff, directors, and officers, and their immediate family are not eligible.
  • All entries must include a video posted to YouTube, and the completed consent/entry form specifying the video URL. Completed entries must be received by November 24th at 11:59pm.
  • Entrant’s YouTube channel and posted video must be public.
  • Entries received after deadline will not be considered.
  • Each entrant represents and warrants that the video submitted is an original work and that the entry does not incorporate any material that would require the consent of any third party and/or any content that would violate the intellectual property, proprietary or privacy rights of others. By submitting an entry, the entrant grants to Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark and The City of Grand Prairie a perpetual, irrevocable, nonexclusive, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, display, distribute, publish, modify and create derivative works from the entrant’s or team’s video for any purpose and in any media. In addition, Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark and The City of Grand Prairie reserve the right to edit the video entry.
  • All eligible submissions will be reviewed by a panel of judges chosen by Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark and The City of Grand Prairie.
  • The eight winning videos will be displayed on the website of Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark for visitors/patrons to enjoy after the completion of the contest.
  • The eight winning entries will be chosen internally and the winners will be chosen based on concept, originality and creativity, and entertainment value.
  • Each of the eight winners will be randomly assigned a particular slide on Opening Day.
  • All winning submissions will each receive free admission to the Opening Day of Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark in Grand Prairie, TX. All eight winners can each bring up to 4 guests who will also receive free entrance to Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark on the Opening Day.
  • All award decisions are final. Winners are solely responsible for applicable taxes, fees, or any other expenses associated with acceptance of the prizes.
  • By participating, each competitor releases Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark and the City of Grand Prairie, its officers, directors, employees, affiliates, consultants or contractors from any and all liability, claims or actions of any kind as a result of this competition.
  • YouTube is not affiliated with the contest in any way, and is not responsible for the administration of the contest or the awarding of the prizes.
  • The winners will be announced on Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark’s Facebook page (epicwatersgp) and website (www.epicwatersgp.com).



Email us at [email protected]

Call us at 817-337-3131


Q: Do I need a professional quality camera/editing software to enter the contest?

A: No! The goal of the contest is for children and teenagers to showcase their talents and engage the community by creative expression of EPIC stories.  Entries will be judged primarily on the content of the story and the creativity of the presentation, and not on technical skills.  We welcome all entries from professional filmmakers to amateur hobbyists.