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Epic Waters’ Official Ride Guide

By July 25, 2019News

Have you heard about our Ride Guide?!

If you have not, do not worry you will get all caught up right here! Epic Waters’ Official Ride Guide was created to give y’all all the cool insights to all out EPIC rides in short fun videos. You will learn about what makes each ride EPIC! For example, did you know that the Lasso Loop is the nation’s tallest indoor Aqualoop?! Or that the Aquanaut is the first indoor double rider Aquasphere inner tube ride! 

 In each episode Jordyn walks you through each attraction and even tries out the rides herself to show you what makes each one EPIC! 

Click on any of the rides down below to check them out with Jordyn:

Lasso Loop

Prairie Plunge

Texas Twist


YellowJacket Drop


Make sure to let us know what you think about each ride and which is your favorite! Also follow our YouTube channel, as we still have some EPIC attractions left to cover in our Ride Guide!

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