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2019 Summer EPIC Picnic

By August 1, 2019News

We are extremely thankful for our Epic Family. They make bringing you and your family the opportunity to make EPIC memories possible! This Summer would have not been possible without them and their hard work. 

On Tuesday, we were fortunate enough to close the park early for our 2019 Summer Epic Picnic. We ate good food, played games, raffled prizes, and pied Managers in the face! But most importantly showed our employees appreciation for all their hard work.

It was EPIC. 

Take a look at how our Epic Family has a great time!

Some of the smiling faces of our awesome Food and Beverage Department…

“Welcome to the Hungry Wave!”


The most EPIC water balloon fight!

We also appreciate our Executive team for helping put this picnic together and serving  us all food! They are appreciated so much that employees were thoughtful enough to feed them too…feed them pies of cool whip!! 


Thank you Epic Family for all your hard work, it does not go unnoticed. Thank you for a Summer filled with memories. Thank you for choosing to be Epic with us!


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